A new strategy set to shape The Historic Village

Tuesday 29 December 2020

In December Tauranga City Council approved a strategy that will enable The Historic Village to grow further in the space of arts, culture, events, history and as a community hub that supports social wellbeing.

The work undertaken over a period of five months including consultation with key stakeholders was successfully adopted at Council’s 10 December meeting.

Manager of The Historic Village for Tauranga City Council, Blair Graham is excited about the new strategy and what it will mean for the city.

“We are looking forward to building on what has already been achieved at The Historic Village as well as creating a community hub that will provide new and cool experiences for locals and visitors to Tauranga all in one location.

“Community is at the heart of everything we do, and we are hopeful that the new hub will get the funding it needs from the Long Term Plan process next year, to enable us to deliver something special for our city and region. We’d love our community to get behind this awesome initiative,” said Blair.

The vision of The Historic Village is to provide a unique, inspired and diverse community hub that provides a multitude of experiences catering to a wide range of people, all in one location.  This includes telling the story of the location’s culture and history in an engaging way, providing a vibrant space for festivals, events, markets and activities, being home to community groups that supports the arts, culture and social needs of the community along with the diverse range of venues, hospitality and unique and complimentary shopping experiences.

There will be a range of summer events at The Historic Village on 17th Ave for everyone to enjoy: