Art students and their Sir exhibit together in the People’s Gallery

Wednesday 10 February 2021

Art students from from the Otumoetai Intermediate Art Academy have collaborated with "Sir," their amazing tutor Nik Williams, to exhibit their work at People's Gallery in Tauranga.

The main focus of the exhibition shows how the students have responded to one particular painting that their Art teacher who is affectionately known as Sir, has created.

The project challenges the students to learn methods such as layering to create texture, light and depth.

There will also be works showcasing some 3D masks based on Italian Commedia D'larte performance masks and paintings based on still-life and portraits inspired by COVID19.

Nik Williams is a valued member of the Incubator Creative Hub team and resident artist is also the popular Art teacher at Otumoetai Intermediate. Nik recent migrant of NZ comes from a UK Secondary School art background.

"Throughout my teaching career I have loved inspiring children through a full range of mediums including drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, collage; whilst referencing numerous artists work to broaden the learning of children."

"Art gallery visits have frequently been included and encouraged in my teaching throughout my career. My passion and enthusiasm for the arts has been driven by a personal philosophy of the importance of the arts in a child's education and development. I strongly believe that creative thinking, questioning and the making of art underpins and enhances so many other aspects of a child’s cognitive thinking and development."

"Children who are encouraged to use the right side of their brain can understand that there is more than one way to respond to a question or scenario as well as appreciating that creative journeys through art can have unpredictable, unplanned and often exciting outcomes."

The launch of two exhibitions opening at the Incubator Creative Hub is on Saturday the 13th February 10am.

Nik Williams and Otumoetai Intermediate School EXHIBITION
When: February 13 until March 7
Where: The People’s Gallery -Toi ka rere - The Tauranga Historic Village Tauranga