New comedy series shot in Tauranga ready to launch

Tuesday 28 July 2020

A new web series, entirely set and shot in Tauranga is about to release its pilot episode. 'Chloe And The' is about a group of 30-somethings trying to navigate their way through adult lives in a comical way. It focuses on the life of a woman called Chloe Butler, and her trials and troubles and those of her friends.

We were lucky enough to catch up with writer and lead character of the series, Alyssa Stringfellow who plays Chloe.

Alyssa says Chole is loosely based off her own life after she found out 4 years ago her partner was cheating on her. "It started off as a catharsis to help deal with it but then all of sudden these characters formed and we had this really amazing series."

"It's a bit of poking of fun at what I had to deal with but also a talking point for other things that people in their 30's are going through. We've tried to talk about it in a way that's comical, but true."

Alyssa is no stranger to the camera, having played roles on two popular shows, Shortland Street and Home and Away. While Alyssa loved being on set with Shortland Street, she says this project has been more rewarding. "It's more rewarding to see something that you've put your blood sweat and tears into."

You can catch the first episode of 'Chole and the' this Wednesday the 29th July on the 'Chloe And The Series' Facebook page. Or you can follow this link to take you straight there. 

Watch the full interview with Alyssa below...