Activating vacant spaces for art

Monday 09 March 2020

A collaboration between council, regional economic groups and arts groups has seen the vacant spaces in Tauranga’s CBD transformed into pop-up workshops and businesses, gallery exhibits and presentation spaces.

Appropriately called Activate Vacant Spaces, these site-specific locations will offer an ever-changing programme of indoor and outdoor experiences, located on roof tops to alleyways, empty stores to building walls, shop windows and frontages and public open spaces. The programme of offerings aims to showcase art and culture, heritage, the diverse community and the vibrant people within it. Each month a new theme overarches the activity and provides unique and exciting offerings for residents, visitors and tourists who venture into our city centre.

There are two exhibits running in March: Kotahitanga Unity and Our Home. The Kotahitanga Exhibition explores unity in our community. In this digital and interactive exhibition you’ll be probed to think about what diversity means to you and what unity means to you. It explores what Kotahitanga means; the history of the Kotahitanga movement and what greater unity in our community could look like.

67 Devonport Road (between Flight Centre and Quest)

On until March 20

Monday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm

Our Home is part extension of the Trustpower Photographic Exhibit, with more photo entries from the competition on display and part time warp, with historical images. Take a look at how Tauranga looked in the 1950s or be part of the interactive display by writing a letter to home, a loved one or the city.

50 Devonport Road (Next to Pluto)

On until March 14

Monday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm

The project is also welcoming input from the community. If you have an idea for a vacant space, or a vacant space to put forward, contact the team: