Bluey Green drops new single ‘Colours' and announces debut EP

Friday 18 June 2021

Mount Maunganui artist Bluey Green is back with his new single, ‘Colours.' Following the release of ‘Morning Sunshine’ and ‘Roses’, ‘Colours’ is the third and final single to be released off his upcoming debut EP, Bluey Green, out July 9. 

The single, produced by MERK (Mark Perkins), is one of indie-pop sincerity and inspired by Bluey Green - AKA Mitch Horton - watching how his own kids engage with their surroundings. 

“I originally wrote ‘Colours’ when I saw the open and honest way my kids would interact with the world”, reflects Horton. 

“But then also seeing, from time to time, the heartbreaking way they can be made to feel like some parts of their personalities don't quite measure up; that they felt they needed to be dulled down or adjusted to fit in. As I wrote the song I realised that I was doing the same things, and that the song was as much for me as it was as the listener. I still like listening to it and reminding myself of the message.”

“No one is immune to the feeling of having to adapt the way we look, think and act to fit into the world. ‘Colours’ is a bit of push back on this."

With his self-titled debut EP set for release on July 9, ‘Colours’ is another mini journey in its entirety, and a taste of what’s to come.

“I have always loved records that keep you guessing, so you never quite know where they are going to go between songs. MERK's records always do that really well. Records that have a mixture of themes, energy levels and emotions are the most captivating to me.”

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