Mauao Base Track back in action

Friday 07 February 2020

Thanks to the efforts of recently elected mayor Tenby Powell, the Mauao Base Track is repaired, reinforced, reopened

and as good as new (possibly better).

Just before Christmas, Tenby invited the public to join him for the 3km or so jog around the track, before stopping at

the repaired site and joining Kaumatua Tamati Tata for a blessing.

The track had been closed since 2017 when a big slip wiped it out of action. Stairs were originally put in up and around

the slip, however it wasn’t a solution to suit all community members, due to the steep nature of the stairs and the lack

of accessibility. Needless to say, the track has been in full swing over the summer since opening.

If you haven’t been yet – in short, you’re missing out. It’s an awesome way to take in the sights of Tauranga Harbour

and catch a cruise ship coming in. There’s a few small beachy spots to stop and chill in the water at high tide and if

you’re lucky seals can be seen sunbathing on the rocks throughout the year – but give them their distance because, as

they say, let sleeping (sea) dogs lie.

But wait, there’s more!

Did you know there is another secret (ish) track that leads up from the base track and connects with a trial to the

summit above?! Located roughly halfway around, coming from the Pilot Bay side, you’ll see a sign that indicates your

way up. This track had also been damaged in the slips and was closed to the public, however its reopening slipped (pun

intended) under the radar as the base track took all the glory.

So, whether you’re after a climb or a stroll, Mauao is a great place for all walking abilities and a must-do in the Bay.