Mayor Candidate Call’s our to the voices of the future.

Wednesday 05 June 2019

Tauranga Mayoral Candidate, Tenby Powell has reached out to his Alma Mater Principal, Russell Gordon, proposing that Otumoetai College host a gathering of Student Leaders from BOP High Schools in what Powell is describing as a Voices-of-the-Future brainstorm session.  


“I received an email from Tenby, which was followed by a convivial telephone conversation about an initiative we are wholly supportive of”, says Russell Gordon. “Our students are disengaged from their city and this is a great opportunity to hear from them in a facilitated session with a Mayoral candidate”.


Powell, who serves on the APEC Business AdvisoryCouncil says he is drawing on his APEC experience where a similar programme engages with graduate students from around the world to brainstorm ideas and contribute to the thinking of the Asia Pacific Region post 2020. 


“I am confident that these bright young High School students will give us the same higquality level of thought leadership for Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty Region as we get from grad students for the APEC Region”, says Powell. 


“Issues of sustainability, eco-friendly multi-modal transportoptionsglobal warming and the environment are all things that greatly concern today’s youth.  As a Mayoral candidate, I want to ensure their voices are heard as part of my policy development”.


Tenby Powell has gone one-step further making his first election promise. “Tenby told me that, when elected Mayor, he will establish a Youth Council who will meet with elected Officials three times a year to ensure Council remains engaged, continues to listen and is held accountable for promises”, says Russell Gordon. “I’m sure my colleagues will embrace this initiative which is long overdue”.      


Youth engagement is very important to me and, as your Mayor, it would be my intention to establish a youth council, comprising senior students from all High Schools in the region, as a think-tank”, says Powell.


The proposed Voices-of-the-Future session is planned for June and will be hosted at Otumoetai College.