Mount Hot Pools re-open

Wednesday 31 March 2021

After 10 weeks of long hard work, the Mount Hot Pools are officially re-opening tomorrow, April 1 at 12pm – and no it isn’t an April Fools joke and just in time for Easter Weekend and the April School Holidays.


The pools first closed back in January for renewals and maintenance during the pools quietest time of the year, with most visitors heading to the beach instead of soaking in hot pools, so it was the ideal time to undertake important maintenance that requires the operating system to be off and all pools to be emptied for an extended period.


According to the Mount Hot Pools website, it says it was also necessary to undertake the work at this time as there has been leaks discovered in the pipe work and the risk of leaving these is too high.


“Replacing the underground pipes now will ensure we continue to respect the natural resources we draw from to fill and heat the pools. It also mitigates the risk of further leaks, more water loss and potential breach of our resource consent, which could lead to colder pools in the winter months when the Mount Hot Pools are at their busiest,” says the Mount Hot Pools website.


Updates that will have taken place by the next time you visit the Mount Hot Pools are:


-       Planned renewals and maintenance to the plant room, bore pump and pools.

-       Upgrade to the external entrance appearance.

-       Underground pipe replacement work to fix leaks.

-       New shade sail over a seated section of the active pool.

-       New poolside furniture.

-       Resurfacing the children’s pool.