Oropi Rd Sink Hole

Thursday 01 August 2019

Oropi Road remains closed to vehicles in both directions between Cheyne Road and Oropi Stream Bridge due to the sinkhole that opened up yesterday afternoon. The sinkhole was caused by gradual erosion. 

At this stage we are unsure when the road will reopen. A geotechnical engineer will complete a site assessment today, which will provide a better idea of the timeframe.

Traffic management is currently in place to redirect vehicles. We are unable to open one lane to vehicles as the sinkhole is in the middle of the road and it would be too dangerous for vehicles to pass. However, cyclists and pedestrians can safely pass through the area. Vehicles can still access Renner Park Golf Course.

There is no impact to Bay of Plenty Regional Council's regional or school bus runs. Parents of children who use a private school bus service will need to check with the school for any disruptions.

Kerbside glass and rubbish collection
Residents in the area who have their glass and rubbish collections today may experience a delay in collection times. Furthermore, Maleme Street Transfer Station currently has no power following an unplanned power cut which may result in delays in other areas of the city too.