Record low stream levels drive prolonged water restrictions

Monday 12 April 2021

Water restrictions stay on in Tauranga, crossing into April for the first time in recent years. Continued low flow in the streams that supply Tauranga’s drinking water means water restrictions remain necessary to relieve pressure on the streams.

Stephen Burton, Director of City Waters for Tauranga City Council said it is unprecedented to have restrictions coming into April, however as rain has done little to restore flow levels in our streams, they remain necessary.

"One look at the state of the flow over the weir for the Tautau tells a thousand words," he says. "We would have loved to be able to announce the lifting of restrictions at this stage, but we need to care for stream health and safeguard continued supply."

To accommodate the change in daylight hours due to the end of daylight savings, recommended hours for watering will change. You can now water gardens by handheld hose or watering can, between 5 and 8 AM and 5 and 8 PM.

We will continue to work with the Bay of Plenty Regional Council to assess the impact of drought conditions and water levels in the region on our source water supplies.

More information about water conservation can be found at

Photo credit: Mohammad Rezaie on Unsplash