Tauranga Mayor Tenby Powell to take leave after a Prostate Cancer diagnosis.

Monday 02 November 2020

A recent media release from the Tauranga City Council has advised that Tauranga Mayor Tenby Powell will be taking leave from his role from 20 November and will undergo surgery to address recently-diagnosed prostate cancer.

Mayor Powell has long been an advocate of a proactive approach to men’s health issues and says he feels fortunate to have received an early diagnosis. “I have complete faith in my specialist, Professor Peter Gilling, and the medical team here in Tauranga and am heartened by the treatment plan available to me.”

Every year around 3,500 New Zealand men are diagnosed with the disease and Mayor Powell said it’s another timely reminder of the importance of regular health checks. “Age is the most important prostate cancer risk factor, with the incidence of the disease climbing alarmingly with age. Men who develop prostate cancer are mostly over the age of 65, so I am relatively young to have been diagnosed with this disease, following a routine health check.” 

Subject to the success of the procedure and a positive recovery pathway, he intends to resume his duties as early as possible in 2021.

“During my absence, I will be asking Deputy Mayor Tina Salisbury to take over my responsibilities,” he said. “I know she will have the support of councillors, the Chief Executive and the Executive team, and I have every confidence that she will fulfil those responsibilities admirably.

“Although only recently promoted to the role, Tina has already earned the respect of many stakeholders, organisations and individuals across our community. As Deputy Mayor, she has been actively involved in my schedule of meetings, consultations and strategic planning, so it will be an easy transition for her to assume the Mayoralty in an acting capacity. I have no doubt that the relationships and progress we are making for the city will continue, without losing any momentum,” Mayor Powell said.

“I remain fully committed to my role through until my leave period commences and look forward to taking up the reins again as quickly as possible next year, and to participating in the preparation of a progressive and transformational 2021-31 long-term plan, which will set the foundations for our city’s future.”