Tauranga's Historic Village looking towards the future with new survey.

Friday 04 September 2020


The Tauranga City Council want to know what you like about The Historic Village. They have published a survey where you can suggest any improvements and what you would like to see in the future. 


The Historic Village has been apart of Tauranga rich history as far back as 1972, when plans were prepared for a Historic Village, depicting what Tauranga was between 1880 and 1920. The village was built on the 14 acre Thomas Wrigley Reserve at the western end of 17th Avenue and it finally opened 11 December 1976.


Removing the storage shed to make way for the construction of Wickham School, 1999 (year to be confirmed) Photo/Source: tauranga.kete.net.nz


The village is made up of five different characteristics that are all connected in some way; 

  • unique community environment, 
  • character buildings and beginnings as a working historic village, 
  • retail and trade, 
  • arts and cultural activities, and 
  • green space and vegetation.


Feedback closes Friday, 25 September.


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