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Music is the world’s greatest connector.

For the first time in history, every generation alive has been influenced by rock and roll and we want to share it all!

Unshackled from the boundaries of genre and era, Juice is a unique approach to programming taking the viewer on a musical journey from the 60’s until the now. We have deconstructed the traditional music television format by creating mini genre segments of videos that work as a set, and then blended them.


JuiceTV’s digital platform is a place where our audience can dig deeper and consume music they’ve discovered on JuiceTV. Watch a great music doco, stream a concert, check out hundreds of curated video playlists, learn how to set up a turntable, buy a tee shirt and find out what’s going on.


Our Content Director:

Grant Hislop has curated some of NZ’s largest media brands. From co-founding Radio Works (The Rock/The Edge) and heading Warner Music labels & A&R, to curating The Rock, ZM, Radio Hauraki, Kiwi FM, Channel Z, Juice TV and Rip it Up; to managing artists such as Goodshirt, Pluto and Opshop.

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