Drawing and Sketching Course for Adults


Friday 24 March 2023


UXBRIDGE Arts & Culture Centre
Botany Downs


09:30am - 12:00pm



Ticket Info:

The difference between drawing and sketching is in the detail. Sketching is artistic, free, and has very few constraints. It is the outline of a concept, like taking a picture as reference. Drawing is refined and advanced, something we do with extra attention. It is filling in the detail.

Sketching allows you to experiment, it helps you see what lines you need to compose an authentic illustration of what you’re drawing. For beginners, sketching is an important step as you want your illustrations to be as accurate as possible. Beginners can skip this step if they use photo reference as students will be in this course. Advanced artists often skip sketching and using photo referencing as they have the image stored in their mind. In this instance they would start sketching a drawing without circles or lines and move into drawing its contour and detail immediately.

When you sketch, you press your pencil softly on the paper, so you can correct mistakes easily.

When you draw, it is thorough, meticulous, and precise. Drawing is the stage when you start to give your sketch a more pronounced form and you add the details like shading, texture, colour, and value. When you draw, it is committing, every stroke is darker, and applied with strength making errors difficult to correct. At the drawing stage, you use your reference sketch lines to help keep good proportion and shape.

Drawing feels more like a plan and sketching more like something spontaneous.

In this course we will be using photo reference instead of sketching with beginners as this way we can move straight into the drawing process and detail.

Whether your preference is for landscape, portraits, architecture, or still life Alvin will guide you and share his knowledge on how to achieve your desired results with your drawing subject.

First, we’ll use photo references to shape your realistic drawings. You will learn about outline, texture, shape correction, lighting, and shading. Then we will change the focus and learn some of the fundamental techniques in developing line-based sketches.


Let well respected artist/tutor Alvin Xiong share his knowledge and skills on realistic oil painting. Alvin is an experienced tutor and has taught for some time. He has a particular style which will step any beginner through the process and allow a continuing student to develop at their own pace and with his guidance.