Gold Trail


Sunday 05 February 2023




09:00am - 02:00pm



Ticket Info:

Sunday 5th February 2023

Shantytown to Moana (Lake Brunner)

Gold Trail is an amazing ride through the history of the West Coast and the Gold Trails that both our ancestors and many Chinese walked in the search for their riches of the Gold of the West Coast.

You will start in the history created of Shantytown.Until the Gold Trail Mountain Bike Ride there has never been a peloton of mountain bike rider's ride down the Main Street of Shantytown. "This is a first" and it not happens once a year, why not be one of those enjoying the experience?

If you are a first time rider to an elite rider - then this is the bike ride for you. You're going to see some of the untouched beauty of the West Coast of New Zealand. The beauty of the nature creeks, ferns, pungas, the mighty rimu trees and natural flowing creeks, couple with the forestry roads with plenty of surprises.

If the start in Shantytown doesn't get to you, then the beauty of Moana and Lake Brunner will as you cross the Arnold River via the swing bridge into Moana, then the Lake front as you head to the Moana Hotel. What a way to finish with a beer waiting for you?

This 40km mountain bike ride will touch every rider.