Grecco Romank


Friday 24 March 2023


Last Place
Hamilton Central


08:00pm - 10:30pm



Ticket Info:

Having wowed the crowd with their sledgehammer slinging moves at Welcome To Nowhere festival, Tāmaki Makaurau dance deviants Grecco Romank are embarking on a full blown nationwide tour, celebrating the imminent release of their forthcoming second studio album Wet Exit. Sounding alternately restrained and totally uninhibited as they prowl around producer Damian Golfinopoulos' scorched industrial techno / EBM beat-scapes, operatic vocalist Billie Fee and growling sprechgesang guru Mikey Sperring espouse the alluring yet dubious merits of 'Celestial Poison' on the trio's lead single from the new long player — also featuring avant sax master Jeff Henderson and Ron Gallipoli.

"When we write lyrics or name tracks our approach is to find phrases and ideas that are often quite abstract, then, slowly a theme starts to emerge through the fog. For Celestial Poison we realised that a lot of the lyrics we were incorporating seemed to speak to ideas of misinformation, pseudo-science and magical thinking. We often try to play with our lyrics by taking on different roles and perspectives, often ones that are contrary to our own views or moral position.

... [Celestial Poison] it’s the earworm of our album. It's our most dramatic and catchy track on a varied and wild record. Hopefully it’s the anthem that will be New Zealand’s official entry into Eurovision 2023."