Dance Exponents announce double bill tour of Aotearoa

Tuesday 25 October 2022


To celebrate 40 years of the classic album Prayers Be Answered, Dance Exponents are reforming for their first shows in 36 years, playing all their hits from all three albums including ‘Victoria’, ‘I’ll Say Goodbye’ ‘All I Can Do’ and more. Better yet, they’ll be joined at all four shows throughout Aotearoa by The Exponents, picking up where the Dance Exponents left off, belting out all their hits from Something Beginning With C and beyond. There will be some special moments between the two bands, paying tribute to their fallen guitar comrades, Steve, Chris and Dave “Duck” Barraclough and some fierce competition to see who can get the biggest reaction from you, the audience. This, you cannot miss. – two of New Zealand’s greatest bands playing New Zealand’s greatest songs in an electric live show where you can be sure the audience will be singing along with every word. 

Beginning in Christchurch at the magnificent Town Hall on Saturday 15 April, the tour will then roll on to Wellington’s TSB Arena on Fri 21 April, followed by Black Barn in Havelock North on Saturday 22 April before the big finale at the Auckland Town Hall on Friday 28 April. Tickets for all shows go on sale Tuesday 1 November. 

Dance Exponents

Led by front man and singer songwriter Jordan Luck, with Brian Jones (guitar), David Gent (bass) and Michael ‘Harry’ Harallambi (drums), Dance Exponents formed in Christchurch in 1981 with original guitarist Steve Cowan (RIP). With a front man like Jordan and his ability to pull magical pop songs out of thin air, it was no wonder Dance Exponents went from support act to headliners in mere months. They had a record deal and a top 10 hit under their belts within a year. Their debut single ‘Victoria’ became an all time classic, beloved in New Zealand. The album that followed, the venerable Prayers Be Answered rocketed them to pop stardom and in Jordan, marked the emergence of one of New Zealand’s most accomplished new songwriters. The live shows that followed were explosions of pure joy attended by screaming fans and mass hysteria. 

By the end of 1983 wizz-kid guitarist Chris Sheehan (RIP) had joined the band helping them move into a powerful new rock direction. Thumping new recordings like ‘Sex and Agriculture’ and Only I Could Die (and Love You Still)’ became staples of their impressive live shows. 

By 1986 it was all over. Dance Exponents had burned like a shooting star for 5 years before they were done, breaking up and moving to London to chase their personal dreams. They left behind a staggering legacy of pop smashes, a searing live show and three highly acclaimed albums.

The Exponents

Led by frontman and singer-songwriter Jordan Luck, with Brian Jones (guitar), David Gent (bass) and Michael ‘Harry’ Harallambi (drums), The Exponents need no introduction. 

Formed in Auckland in 1991 after returning from London with a suitcase packed full of Jordan’s songs, they burst onto the scene with the smash hit single ‘Why Does Love (Do This to Me)?’ and a live show that had been honed to perfection over many years playing together. The album that followed, the classic Something Beginning With C, spawned a multitude of hits including ‘Who Loves Who the Most’, ‘Whatever Happened to Tracey’ and ‘Sink Like A Stone’.

With the band’s passion for touring the length and breadth of New Zealand year in and year out, seeing The Exponents live became a rite of passage for generations of kiwis. Their shows were raucous fun and with songs like ‘Why Does Love’ becoming lodged in the kiwi psyche as the alternative National Anthem, it wasn’t long before they were recognised as one of the greatest kiwi bands of all time.

Jordan was the first ever inductee into the NZ Music Hall of Fame as a songwriter in 2007, and the band joined him in the Hall 8 years later. There’s been books written about them, a TV documentary and even a dramatic movie celebrating the band’s rise to fame. As a national icon Jordan, was awarded the MNZM in 2012 for his services to music. The Exponents v Dance Exponents, Dance Exponents v The Exponents. Whichever way you slice it, wherever your loyalty lies, this will be a celebration like no other.

Who loves who the most indeed! You’ve gotta love them both and you‘ve gotta be a witness.

April 2023 - General Public On Sale: Tue 1 Nov 12 pm Sat 15 April - Town Hall, Christchurch

Fri 21 April - TSB Arena, Wellington

Sat 22 April - Black Barn, Havelock North

Fri 28 April - Town Hall, Auckland