Estère shares sizzling new video

Thursday 08 June 2023

The third single from Estère's beat-forward EP Mākara Peak again shows her at the top of her class. With a rhythm that pounds like the first butterflies of a new romance, "Melt" comes to life in the Cook Islands, the sultry summer scenes perfectly conveying the lyrics and the mood of the song.

Estère says, "Melt was filmed while on holiday in Rarotonga by Paascalino Schaller. The whole time I was there, I kept thinking this place is heaven on earth, literally designed for optimal human function. The climate, the landscape, the reef, the abundance of fruit and vegetables and how things grow so easily in the fertile soil. I would love to permanently be somewhere with that kind of climate. It made me feel a sense of longing, longing for an alternate life that I might live one day - and I think that longing, along with the song's themes - is captured in the video."