Experience the ‘Allo ‘Allo – Le Dinner Show this month!

Wednesday 14 July 2021

A typical date night is often seen as dinner and a show, but what about dinner during the show?

The ‘Allo ‘Allo – Le Dinner Show: ‘The Fallen Madonna’ put on by Prime Productions and will make its way to Tauranga this July. Based on the classic late 80’s BBC TV comedy ‘Allo ‘Allo, the interactive comedy tribute show has been running in dinner show format for four years in New Zealand, and is brought to life by a group of professional character actors, ‘The Prime Suspects.’

The dinner aspect of the show is simple – the guests and diners are part of the story, just as if they are sitting as café patrons on the set of Café Rene. 

The three course dinner is served between three acts of the show and the dining experience is blended perfectly with the story, says Chief Entertainment Officer for Prime Productions, Tom Kay. 

“The show is highly interactive. It is likely that at least one person from every table will be involved in some sort of audience participation. All interactions are well-mannered and non-offensive so there’s nothing that will make anyone feel uncomfortable. Quite the opposite in fact – our ‘volunteers’ often go away feeling very special.”

‘The Fallen Madonna’ is the first instalment of a three episode trilogy, all plots are unique with flowing continuity into each other. 

As they are stand-alone, the shows do not need to be seen in sequence, nor do you have to see all three, however it is even more fun and enjoyable experience if you do, says Tom. 

“2022 will see the second episode ‘Exploding Puddings’ followed by the third and final episode in 2023 ‘Long Distance Duck’ (aka ‘The Drake Escape’),” says Tom.

“We’d recommend everyone unfamiliar with Allo Allo to prepare themselves by checking out the original BBC TV show online and our show is very faithful to the characters and source material – although maybe just a little bit naughtier in a very funny way!”

Tom says that due to the unpredictable nature of the cast’s improvisations, every show night is different.

“We love to see audience reactions to the surprises and interactions in the show. Plus the laughs are guaranteed. We get a real buzz out of sharing the audience's laughter at some of the funniest moments. Favourites include Madame Ediths ‘Cabaret, guest participation and any scene with Officer Crabtree ‘pissing by’’. 

‘Allo ‘Allo – Le Dinner Show: ‘The Fallen Madonna’
Fridays & Saturdays, July 3 until August 7
The Raft, Tauranga
Tickets: eventfinda.co.nz