Getting to know Jeremy Redmore....

Thursday 23 February 2023

It's always fun experiencing artists outside the realm or 'comfort zones' in which we discovered them! A bit like the annual Silver Scroll Awards during which finalist songs are interpreted by artists, often turning them on their heads genre-wise giving each piece of work an opportunity to shine in a new context. 

The upcoming Synthony in the Domain festival gives performers a similar opportunity.

One such artist is Jeremy Redmore, on our radios, screens and devices for over 10 years as the singer and chief songwriter of rock band Midnight Youth and more recently as a solo artist, author, playwright, producer and industry mentor.

Why do you think the Synthony concept has resonated so strongly and quickly with audiences?

I think the public crave events that they can go to with a bunch of friends and know they are guaranteed to be entertained - Synthony does that by slamming together familiar high-energy tunes, a huge light show and the novelty and power of a giant orchestra.

The public have always been the ultimate judges and set the tone of what succeeds commercially - do you think there are more opportunities to push the boundaries than before - any spring to mind?

I think New Zealand's arts and entertainment scene is doing a great job of pushing boundaries already - it's just a case of planting a familiar seed amongst their ideas to attract people who may not naturally explore festivals and theatre that are doing that mahi. 

What have you had to work on most in terms of your own disciplines to adapt or develop to this type of performance?

I spent seven years in Midnight Youth - effectively a stadium rock band - where my main job was to engage with the audience, get them singing, dancing, clapping and screaming; so all I've had to do is turn back that clock and dial in my old tricks!

Outside of music what’s important to you?

Whanau, friends, nature, curiosity, art and justice. 

Tell us about your family’s relationship to music?

Growing up, my whanau had a strong but very casual relationship with music - we'd sing together in the car, Dad would play songs at bedtime and family gatherings often featured singalongs. I think all of us were shocked when I ended up making a career from it!

All-time greatest musical influences?

Paul Simon, Radiohead, 80s anthems and Mariah Carey.

Where do you see the music business going?

I think the music business is slowly going the way of the painting business. Once the rock stars of the world, painters are now consigned largely to hobbyists, die-hard artists and the odd shooting star. Once paint, canvas and instruction became accessible and affordable to everyone, the art became less valuable to society.

I can see the same happening within music - a low barrier of entry, the short attention span of listeners and the recent rise of AI all add up to a bleak future for the music biz, especially where artists are concerned.

However, people will always want to be entertained and lifted to a place high above their everyday lives through live music - so that’s where, I believe, the music business’ future value lies.

What's next for you?

I have a collaboration with composer Levi Patel coming out later this year and will continue to promote the crazy benefits of singing to kids via my music and book

Check out our video playlist of a selection of Jeremy's works

Jeremy Redmore: guest vocalist for Synthony #4, for SYNTHONY IN THE DOMAIN April 1st 2023