HOT AIR with Grant Hislop

Wednesday 05 February 2020


My little brother is traveling north from Wellington for the Cold Chisel gig this month. He messaged me the other day to point out it was 38 years since we saw them last in Tauranga at the old sound shell at Memorial Park. 


We lived in 5th Avenue at the time and Mum was getting sick of us around the house and insisted on us going to the concert. We were sent off down to Radio BOP, which was down the bottom of Devonport Road, and handed over our $6.50 each. Mum had pronounced the support band "Inks" but of course it was "INXS"


As 13 and 11-year-olds at the gig by ourselves it was an eye opener – and not just musically. We were trying to work out what the interesting aroma was that was drifting across the 2000 strong crowd… it was strange but we didn’t mind it!


Part way through Chisel’s set, a guy in the front started heckling the band. After some failed attempt by security to eject him, Jimmy Barnes dropped his mic and dived into the crowd to take matters into his own hands. Once the rouge had been dealt to, he clambered back on stage to the band who hadn’t stopped playing and finished the song. 


A few years later my first interview as a radio announcer was with Jimmy Barnes. I started recounting the story to see if he remembered and he interrupted me saying, “Yeah that guy was a real c#@t!”


These guys are a class act and cross the genres of rock, soul, reggae, blues into their own blend of beautiful. Having two lead singers in Barnes and Moss gives dynamics and superpower strength when it comes harmonies, with their voices gliding the upper heights of rock and roll.


A couple of my fave tracks outside of the obvious are their version of ‘Georgia’, ‘Janelle’ (which I named my daughter after) and ‘Standing on the Outside’. Also check out their new single ‘Getting the Band Back Together’.


See you at Wharepai Domain – and remember, don’t give Jimmy any cheek!