'Ignite' programme trains young musicians for the industry

Tuesday 09 May 2023

Young musicians in New Zealand are getting a head start in the music industry with the 'Ignite' programme. The 8-week training course offers three streams - Event Management, Event Production and Music Production - for 15 to 18-year-olds to choose from. As part of the programme, students have organised four charity concerts throughout New Zealand Music Month.

The programme is equipping students with skills in event management, including budgeting, promoting, and organising. They're learning from industry experts, including Gabe Everett, one half of the pop duo Foley, who is also the programme manager for Ignite. Everett himself started in the industry with Ignite in 2016 and says that it's a "big full circle moment" for him to be able to train and help more young musicians.

The programme has already seen success with Levi Adamson and Tague Bradley putting together a sold-out concert called Riffs N Waves. The organisers are hoping to extend the age range of the programme to reach even more young musicians who are passionate about the industry.