MC Profile: 8 BANGA

Tuesday 11 May 2021

8 Banga and his indie label 8% Productions are back and making waves in Tauranga’s Live Hiphop scene! We caught up with 8 Banga for the dlow on his plans for 2021 and beyond.

Having rapped since you were at School, you’ve been on hiatus from performing for a couple of years, what has drawn you back into the game and how have you leveled up?

Through my independent record label 8% Productions, I want to share my knowledge and give upcoming artists some real direction. I’m coming back with more experience, harder beats and crisper production, while still maintaining my raw, no apologies attitude.

How would you describe your style of Music? 

Diverse and raw. As much as I like to turn a party up, I also like to get intimate by sharing my experiences in relationships and difficulties with mental health. I want to give people the real me, the light side and the dark.

Once a part of well-respected Tauranga crew ‘Illitary Grind Team’ who can we expect to see you rocking mics with this time around?

I've been working on a new project with two of 8%'s newest artists, Pistol and Glok, to form a group called The Boiler Boys. Look for releases in Summer 2021/22!

Do you prefer to rap written or freestyle and why? 

I personally prefer to spit written verses, because I find a lot of my words lose meaning when I try just slapping bars together straight off the top. I have nothing but admiration for anyone that can master freestyle verses.

Where is 8 Banga music heading? 

I plan to expand 8% as a label and a brand over the next year. With international tours off the books, you could definitely see a national tour in the not too distant future. I'll also be dropping my next EP "Goon Tapes 3" on May 31st for NZ Music Month on all major digital streaming platforms.

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SoundCloud: "8banga" and "bentleyTGP"
YouTube:8% Productions"