Oh baby, it’s My Baby!

Thursday 06 February 2020

Dutch-Kiwi trio My Baby are celebrating the release of their new live album with a New Zealand tour, which includes a

stop-off in the Bay of Plenty, ripping up Totara Street this month.

Their roots-driven, hypnotic dance music needs to be experienced in all its awesomeness – words cannot describe the

sound. Partly informed by gospel and blues, with ancient folk melodies, with a touch of 70s funk, African desert blues,

Moroccan gnawa, Indian raga and EDM thrown into the mix. Oh, and it’s all live instrumentation without a computer or

sample in sight.


We flicked the team a few quick questions their way ahead of their New Zealand arrival.


Hey guys, how are you today?

Great. We are traveling to India right now where we are set to play our debut shows there, but first we are off for some

downtime in Goa.


What are you most looking forward to about touring NZ?

It's such a privilege to be able to return to New Zealand every year. We’re looking forward to the Kiwi audiences who

love to dance – especially in the Mount!


When you think of the Bay of Plenty, what comes to mind?

Swimming in Mount Maunganui, hanging on the beach anywhere and kiwifruit!

When you go on tour, what is your number-one must have?

Good food! We love finding some good little local joints which we often return to on tour. Japanese and Indian is

particularly good in New Zealand.


What can people expect from a My Baby show?

Hypnotic voodoo trance rock with high-energy vibes and plenty of improvisation, audience participation and lots of



What are your plans  for 2020?

The tour in New Zealand is our top priority at the moment, then finishing off the next album is key after that. And we’ll

be playing in the United States on several visits so that’s an exciting prospect.