Q&A: Rock, Domestics & Design with Damian Alexander of Blindspott

Friday 30 October 2020


Grant Hislop sits down with Damian Alexander of Blindspott to discuss Covid and their upcoming NZ tour next week at Trustpower Baypark Arena.


What is your main takeaway from the COVID-19 situation?


Don’t get complacent.. don’t take ANYTHING for granted... Tomorrow can be very different from today so be ready!


With the rest of the world in lockdown describe the prospect of this tour for you?


I’m so grateful for the leadership our country has seen through covid. Regardless of which way you vote we are in much better shape than the rest of the world and being able to tour is something I’m really grateful for... I’m fucking pumped!!!



I remember a moment being at your place, you in the kitchen wearing a frilly apron in full domestic flight. I actually paused to reconcile the Damian the public see on stage. How do you see your different roles in life? and are you fully domesticated yet? 


I’ll never be fully domesticated! I think the key to happiness is balance. For me being a dad, a professional and a musician gives me balance. Each thing makes me appreciate the other.


My musical career is something I share a lot with my kids now that they are a little bit older. I want to inspire them to work hard and be creative and show them that you can do lots of things in life and be full.


Music is also a huge part of inspiring creativity in my professional life... Music is quite often the first stop on a creative film, design or photography project


Tell me about the new direction of our annual music awards and your involvement?


My agency “LIKEMINDS” were lucky enough to work on the re-brand and repositioning of the music awards this year. The transformation from New Zealand Music Awards to AMA The Aotearoa Music Awards was an important and significant step. Toward celebrating a truly diverse and unique music industry.


Your late father in law, Ian Magan, was a great radio man and concert promoter. How did he feel about a rocker marrying his daughter?


Ian and I had a great relationship, I know that on the outside looking in the “Rock star” thing for any dad could have been an issue, but from day one we really got along… Ian got to see me as a father and a professional and we became extremely close. Ian was my other Dad.


Ian was an incredible leader, businessman and visionary. He led by example and treated everyone he met with respect and kindness and that’s probably his biggest lesson to me. He was always there with an open mind and a balanced point of view for our whole family.


If I can be half the man, father and professional he was.. I’d be happy.



Biggest buzz so far?


Selling out shows all over New Zealand on this tour has been amazing.. we are playing some of the biggest local headline shows in the band's history. People are singing every word at the shows. It’s the biggest buzz ever.


Any Blindspott presence on Tik Tok?


Hahah Nah man fuck that


Name three albums in your collection you think may surprise your fans?


Jeff Buckley – Grace

Dermot Kennedy – Without Fear

The Teskey Brothers – Run Home Slow


What are you listening to at the moment?



I’m thrashing a guy called Dermot Kennedy – His lyrics and sentiment are on point!



Trustpower Arena Baypark, Tauranga

Friday 6 November 2020

07:00pm - 11:30pm

Tickets from Eventfinda