Spice Girls' secret demos turn up the heat on eBay bidders

Wednesday 10 May 2023

Recently, a collection of unreleased demos from the Spice Girls was auctioned off on eBay, with bids reaching £7100. The vinyl records featured tracks like "Woman," "Too Hot," and "Go, Go, Go," but did not include Geri Horner, who had left the group in 1998. The songs were illegally put up for sale and later leaked online without the group's consent. The Spice Girls were "baffled" by a previous leak of their unreleased song with an X-rated title, which emerged after almost three decades of being hidden. The group did not intend for the hidden track to be released and believed it would be a waste of time to track the source of the leak. While fans had known about the song's existence for years, the Spice Girls were not fond of it, and it was not included in the re-release of their debut album.