The reimagining of "the feelers"

Friday 07 July 2023

Following on from the release of the first single, a reimagining of ‘Larger Than Life’, the band’s REIMAGINED – GREATEST HITS album features 11 re-interpreted versions of some of their most recognisable and loved tracks and includes a brand new single!


In the 25 years since the release of their seminal debut album SUPERSYSTEM in 1998, The Feelers have undeniably established themselves as one of New Zealand’s most beloved and revered bands, becoming a household name while creating a rich musical legacy that has captivated generations.


The Feelers are James Reid (vocals and guitar), Hamish Gee (drums), Andy Lynch (guitar) and Clint Harris (bass)


With the band’s first quarter-century punctuated with an abundance of career-defining highlights, 2023 sees the foursome utilising their enviable back-catalogue of radio hits and working hard to release what could be their most ambitious musical project to date.


Bringing a long-held idea of Reid and Gee’s to life, the band have pushed themselves above and beyond by recording a carefully curated collection of new arrangements of some of their most recognisable and loved tracks from their first five albums.


Having produced their own material for a number of years, THE FEELERS REIMAGINED – GREATEST HITS sees the band once again teaming up with super-producer Greg Haver, who last worked with the band on PLAYGROUND BATTLE.


Working with Haver also challenged the band to diversify their approach to songwriting; pushing them outside of their comfort zone and embracing what Gee refers to as a “less is more” approach in the recording process.


Gee comments: “On REIMAGINED, quite a few of the songs have string arrangements. Some of the arrangements are grandiose, but we also have more stripped back tracks, including one more delicate track that has only James’ vocal, the tiniest bit of acoustic guitar and piano. It’s really pared back; it’s really lovely, anyone who knows the songs will be able to recognise them.”


The collection will also feature the band’s exquisite new track ‘Dear Anxiety’. First played live during the band’s performance at Rock the Bay in Havelock North in November 2022, the song was written by Reid as a “love letter to his anxiety”, as he took “a closer look at the human soul and fragility”.  Slated to be the second single from REIMAGINED, a visualizer will be released in the coming weeks.


The release of REIMAGINED will also see The Feelers hitting the road once again for a nationwide summer tour, playing the new arrangements of their hits, perhaps with a small orchestra in tow. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground for all the updates to follow, 2023 is shaping up to be a big year for the band and their many fans!