Westside Actor Patrick Tafa Expands into Kiwi Music Scene

Sunday 14 May 2023

Actor Patrick Tafa, best known for his roles in Brokenwood and Westside, is expanding his artistic repertoire and venturing into the Kiwi music scene. In an interview with 1News, Tafa shared that his hip-hop music is inspired by the stories of his life and childhood. His musical pursuits come as New Zealand celebrates its Music Month and the Auckland Council's art and culture initiative, Ka Mua Ka Muri Te Iho Auaha, which aims to showcase budding local artists.

Ka Mua Ka Muri, named after a Māori proverb that translates to "walking backwards into the future," is a digital project filmed and produced in the basement of the Auckland City Library, reminiscent of the bygone era when emerging talents would hone their skills in underground bars and speakeasies. According to the council, the project captures the music and creative ideas of budding artists for a digital audience.

Tafa stated that his passion for music was present long before his acting career, but it took a backseat when he started working in the industry. He said that both his music and acting complement each other and that his background in theater has helped him prepare for live performances. He also drew inspiration from Auckland's artistic culture, particularly from artists and collectives such as Dawn Raid music, YGB, Che Fu, and King Kapisi, whom he grew up admiring.

Tafa emphasized the importance of representing his hometown and the connections he has made in various Auckland neighborhoods, which he said fuel his creativity. He expressed his desire to release his EP on platforms like Spotify and perform at more gigs in the future. Finally, he revealed that filming Ka Mua Ka Muri in the library basement was a fitting choice, given the project's objective of showcasing emerging artists.