Detour Theatre


159 17th Ave West
Tauranga South

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"The theatre arts are a gift for the betterment of the individual, the family and the wider community.
Community Theatre adds to the social capital of a community, it develops the skills, community spirit and artistic sensibilities of those involved while it also creates a place for debate, self expression and interactivity that is important for the health of a community."

The work of Detour Theatre is centered around the professional skills of our Co-Directors Devon and Kim Williamson and volunteers from the community.

There is a lot going on at Detour Theatre. We produce four or five shows a year (plays), run drama classes for children, teen, adults and groups with special needs. We provide characters for corporate entertainment and groups of our actors are often seen at local events.
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Detour Theatre is a Registered Charitable Trust: The Detour Theatre Trust.