Fife Lane


512 Maunganui Road, Mt Maunganui
Mt Maunganui

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Opening in November 2019, Fife Lane is the realisation of a long held dream to bring an authentic dining experience to Tauranga that highlights our dedication to exceptional food and wine in a warm and sophisticated setting.

Think classy cocktails with mood lighting amid the natural textures of wood and brick. View a selection of aged meat displayed in a custom glass, meat locker inspired by butcheries of the past, or choose from our specially selected vintage wines stored with care in our designated wine room.

We also use a distinctive and rare Mibrasa oven, a type of closed barbeque invented in the heart of Spain. Using fire and its embers, the Mibrasa delivers a distinctive charcoal grill aroma and flavour. This form of cooking allows food to retain its natural flavours whilst releasing its unique taste, adding another dimension to our menu offerings.