Momo Teppan-Yaki


15 Wharf St

Opening Hours:


07 579 9473

Well established Teppan-Yaki on 15 Wharf St with our focus on Food!!! Tony, our Headchef has had over 30 years of experience.

Teppan-Yaki is a style of Japanese cuisine which uses an iron griddle to cook food. It is a healthy way of eating as well as socialising with friends and family.

The literal translation of Teppan-Yaki is ‘iron plate’ (Teppan) ‘grilled’ (Yaki).

We are a small family business with over 30 years of experience and unlike other Teppan-Yaki Restaurants that provide a theatrical show with open fires; our main focus is on food and our moderate pricing reflects this. We have ample of lighting so you are able to see the quality and freshness of our produce. This way you are able to see how your food is cooked and know what you are about to eat.

Service is also important to us and we want to make you feel like you are in your ‘second’ dining room!