Satellite Studios @ The Incubator


The Incubator, The Historic Village, 159 17th Avenue
Tauranga South

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The Satellite Studios hums with the activities of professional creative practitioners who make their studios and time available to
the visiting public, allowing a peek into the unique industry associated with the arts.
There are five working studio spaces homing seven resident artists who work, teach, mentor and exhibit to our local creative community, groups, schools and other creative agencies. After research around many other artist residencies and exchanges, a framework was developed creating opportunities to offer our emerging local artists inexpensive studio spaces.
This space has been a significant game changer for practitioners in the Creative industry offering pathways for graduates, professional artists requiring a studio space away from a home environment.
The residents are a selected mix of creative personalities offering a chance for some very unique and exciting collaborations.
The Incubator Creative Hub support the inherent and economic value of artists exchanging ideas, culture and language and the intrinsic value of the arts.