Tauranga Musical Theatre


141 17th Avenue

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We are an amateur society, drawing our members from the wider western Bay of Plenty area. Our society offers opportunities for performers (Actors, Singers, Musicians), persons interested in backstage craft (Costumes, Lighting, Sound, Directing, Production Management, Set Construction, Musical Direction, Choreography) and management (Marketing, Committee).
Ours is an inclusive society, with a diverse range of members offering their collective skills. There are always opportunities for people with a wide range of skills to become involved, and in return, experience the ‘kinship’ of a fun loving and entertaining group of people.
As with any society or club, there is a social aspect that can’t be overlooked. There is a strong social scene at Tauranga Musical Theatre that provides an important change of scenery from producing the shows, and also valuable time to meet people and build a solid team atmosphere.