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159 17th Ave
Tauranga South

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Unshackled from the boundaries of genre and era The Station is a unique media approach taking you on a musical and multi-media journey.
Creator, Grant Hislop founder of The Rock, Coastline FM and Kiwi FM and co-founder of Radioworks, has deconstructed the traditional commercial broadcast format by programming a wider range of music, eliminating unnecessary self indulgent announcer interruptions and a minimalist approach to advertising.
A major feature and twist launching in 2018 is the station's simulcast of both audio and video. Genuine "Radio With Pictures", yes you will be able to watch the video on your device the same time as it's playing on the radio. Already the majority of tunes you’re hearing on our broadcast over 105.4FM and iHeart radio are from a video source.
Good Stuff to Know......
We have Bay-wide Coverage on 105.4FM, our license is extremely rare and is equal if not stronger than the other established stations.
The Bay’s only local commercial station broadcasting 24/7
Launching soon a fresh approach to news driven by a commitment to local content a no click bait promise!
Social Consciousness - we will be active in mainstreaming ideas around sustainability and positivity to the world’s future but without preaching!
A minimum of 30% NZ Music
A commitment to developing artists from the Western BOP.
A unique approach to creative for advertisers.
Low commercial content - less than half of the commercial content of any other commercial station.