Ways to Watch Juice TV

If you're got a TV would like to bring Juice TV up on the big screen, see below on where you can get an Aerial or how to cast Juice TV on your telly.

Where can I buy aerials to watch Juice TV?

You can buy aerials that need to be installed onto your rooftop, or preferred location from various retail outlets across the country! Here are just some of the places that you can buy an aerial from -

What devices are supported for casting?

You'll be able to watch JuiceTV live via Chromecast through a dongle device or through built-in Chromecast.

If you're running into issues with setting up or using your Google Chromecast, you can learn more about the set up process through this Google help page.

Where can I get more support with tuning my TV to receive Juice TV?

Follow steps included with your TV manufacture for your specific TV model. Freeview have put together a helpful Guide to Tuning that you can use to get Juice TV on your telly!